Sunday, July 22, 2012

Say no to drugs, and yes to tacos.

For my graduation kick off I decided to have a graduation fiesta. I couldn't think of any thing more exciting then getting a hotel on the beach after being in San Fran for 4 months, with a group of my best friends, alcohol, ponchos, sombreros and of corse mustaches! 

Oh did we have a blast.... After slaving for 3 years at school there wasn't anything better then this. I got a hotel room on the beach and right next to the pool. The amount of debauchery was absolutely perfect. We had a full liquor bar in our room, including a blender and we went to town. I didn't want anyone to have to worry about a thing except having fun.

We were at the pool all day then progressed up to the room where we relaxed a little bit, played some games until we were to go bar hopping that night. This is where things got really colorful. Being that we were on the beach we could just walk to all the bars. No DUI's for us! 

But being the retard I am before we even got to the first bar a few of us girls decided to jump a fence while the boys and the smart girls decided to take a little longer and walk around... Lets just say after this event I was no longer walking, and getting piggy back rides from the guys. 

Thank goodness we were so close to the bar we were going to and we got my ankle elevated with a bag of ice on it immediately. At this point I wasn't sure if I was going to pass out or throw up due to the pain. Luckily I have great friends who helped me get my mind off of my ankle and laughing and joking about other things. Until I was hysterically laughing about how stupid I am and only I would put my self in a situation such as this one. 

I didn't want anyone to stop having fun because I decided to jump a fence, in flip flops and a skirt after drinking for about 11 hours. I sure learned a lot about sprained ankles too. I have never had a severe injury in my life. No broken bones, no stitches, never even been to the hospital except when I was in San Fran. 

My party was in May and lets just say I am still healing from the damage I caused to my ankle and what a pain in the ass it has been. I was on crutches for about 3 days and bed ridden for a week. My ankle is still swollen a bit and depending on what I do on it, makes it more or less sore. I am a very active person and love to jump and run around. I am hoping in a few more weeks I can get back to my normal activities. But for now I am not over exerting my self and I am trying to keep it cool.

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