Sunday, July 22, 2012

Whose Cadillac is that?

Ya know... If I can have a birthday month, than I can have a graduation year!

Last Sunday I had a second graduation party. This time was for my family and close friends. Nothing like the fiesta, but filled with those special people who I love. My parents and I spent the morning getting everything ready for the party. There was so much food that had to be fixed. We had a nice menu that consisted of a slider bar (mini burgers with all the fixin's) deviled eggs, pasta salad, orzo salad, mini wieners, dips, and on and on. My dad and I pressed at least 100 burgers. Boy were my triceps sore the next day!!!

The party was filled with all the smiling faces I love and over the years I have not gotten to see them as much as I want. But now that school is out if there is one thing I want more in my life it is family. School is such a wonderful opportunity, however you miss so much because of it. I don't want to miss anymore of peoples lives, and all these beautiful children who are growing up so quickly in front of me. 

It was so nice to have all my girlfriends with me as well. There is no one that can bring you more down to earth then having your best friends to talk to during a party. I couldn't be more blessed then to have so many wonderful and amazingly beautiful women in my life. I have never been one to surround my self with other girls, but the older I get, the more amazing women I find that I would just die if I didn't have them in my life to share my life goals, lessons and pursuits with. These women are my backbone if anything. 

The house was filled with children as well. Which was amazing. The garage was basically turned into a wrestling room and there was not one little girl in site. All boys running around acting a fool. It's so awesome to see all my nephews and cousins getting along and not wanting to leave their new friends. Thats how it was when I was growing up and I hope they all grow up to be best friends just like the older generations of our family have. 

No matter how crazy things get in my life, I cant express how blessed and loved I truly feel. 

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