Monday, September 10, 2012

And the love kickstarts again.

What is it about fast food? Golly!!! It sure is bad for you. But man oh man, once 1am and later hits, it is like you want that fast food more and more. But normally  at that hour you could most likely eat anything, and it probably tastes so good, you are convinced that there is a famous chef now working in the kitchen of your local fast food restaurant of your choice.

Think about it -- Have you ever had a bad fast food meal from the hours past 1am and on... hahaha. I sure haven't. But then notice how you try to be good and not eat fast food, then you have that night out where you feast on it, then you have that taste in your mouth the next day and you're hungover and you have to have it... then before you know it you're eating fast food everyday. You just cannot get sick of it.

Well this is me right now. I was doing so good at not eating it, then one night I go out and the next thing I know, I am eating fast food every chance I can get!

Oh and when did it get so expensive? What is all that about? It is nuts. And they say that eating organic and healthy is expensive! F that! I am pretty sure I spend way less when I eat good then when I eat like trash...

This trend must end.

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