At the turn of the New Year in 2012, I flew out to San Francisco for 4 months for my Internship, Senior year. While out there is when I really grew into my blog. A way for my friends and family to experience what I was at that time no matter how far I was. I felt connected. Knowing this, I became really inspired to tour San Francisco and make the most out of it, taking photos of everything unique to the city.

When my time in the city was coming to a close I had a massive amount of photos that I didn't want to loose. I could have made a photo album, but I decided that this trip was so monumental to me I needed something special. So I created a book. Consisting of 100 color photos and quotes. Something that doesn't want to hidden on a book shelf, but can be displayed beautifully on a coffee table.




  1. Since I'm likely to move away from home for a few years...I think I'll need a coffee table book with pics of home...I'm ordering one

    1. How is the book holding up, Daniel? Did you ever move away from SF? If so I hope the book is keeping the home-sickness away!!! Miss you guys!