Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thou shall not take shit.

Sometimes we have to grow up. Not because we think it is time. Not because we hit some milestone in life. But because life has decided to align all the stars in the universe and play one big mind fuck on us. But like I said in my previous post. Everything happens for a reason. We are given these trials at times when we need them the most.

I am really dealing with this right now. Being given all these different problems. Some good, some bad, but still new conflicts in my life that I have to figure out how to solve. Of coarse the solution is no where near easy.

I have been challenged with life happiness, finance and relationships. Mother nature has sent a tornado to weed out the unnecessary aspects in my life. A final sacrifice to find out who is the love and who is the knife. I hope I prevail and flourish.

I can feel the growth inside of my heart. It hasn't been an easy few weeks, but I know this specific cluster of problems is what will chisel my personality and well being.

I shall never be the same person again.

everyone can go fuck themselves. =]

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