Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Choose to shine.

It is hard to believe January has already come and gone, and February is on its way out the back door as well. I am willing to bet money that the New Years resolution you swore you were going to stick to this year has come and gone with them.

February is the month when most diet and life style changes go bye-bye. That is even if you made it this far. Most resolutions don't last more then a week or so. Everyones busy schedules and lives take over and become more important and the resolution is than forgotten for the next 11 months until it is time to make a new resolution -- silly bitches.

Who came up with the idea of a resolution anyways? Probably someone who was over weight, or over indulged in things like drugs or alcohol and kept saying they will start working out or stop using tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. What better way to hold out for a few more weeks then to say I will start the first of the year.
I am quite surprised I have done so well my self. But then again the goals I pick I am usually not totally mentally prepared for them.

My resolutions this year are as follows:

1. Exercise
2. Eat as clean as possible
3. Removal of excess stress (people)
4. Start working on my 30 before 30 list.

So far so well. I hope everyone else is still on track with me. It is hard. I am not going to lie. The past week I have been forcing my self to work out. Which is a tough task to boot. But it is either work out and be extremely pleased with my self. Or don't work out and feel guilty all night. I pick option A please.

I am taking things in small bites. Building my goals up as I go along. You can't set a goal to get into the best shape of your life and after the first month when you dont have a 6 pack and fully defined arms give up. It is a process. I think a lot of people forget this part of resolutions, it is a goal for the year. Many of us only know how to set unrealistic goals. That is where failure comes into play.

Another goal of mine is to work on my 30 things to do before im 30 list. So far so good. haha... yea right. One of the things on there is to get in the best shape of my life. I have 3 years till I'm 30, I think that gives me plenty of time to well... take my time working towards that. I can't excatly wake up the night before my 30th birthday and go "I have to work out! my birthday is tomorrow gotta be in the best shape!!!" Once again... unrealistic goal. 

I really need to go through this list with a fine tooth comb though, there are somethings I can combine with other things, to make all these things turn into a reality. However, it is just making that time to make those things happen, and money kind of helps as well. I also need to finish my list. Its hard to think of 30 things you want to do. 

How is your resolution going? Is there anything you would like to accomplish before your next major milestone birthday?

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