Thursday, May 23, 2013

be young. be dope.

Life is a journey
Do it for the story.
Work hard, party harder.

These are a few of the motto's I like to live by. Life is too short. I am sure a lot of people think I am crazy, and a little too spontaneous, but it makes me who I am. And to be completely honest, sometimes I think I could live a little harder. But no matter how hard or soft I think I live, I don't think I could live with my self if I tried to slow down.

You are only young once, and when opportunities come up,  you may never get that chance again. So what I am tired, and hung over the next day. But more times then none, those spontaneous decisions I make end up being the most fun... ever.

I work a shit ton, I have three jobs and none of them are in the field I went to school for. I'll get there. Thats something I also firmly believe in -- everything happens for a reason, and everything will happen when its time. You try to force something to happen, it either wont, or will make you ridiculously unhappy. But when you wake up with the fire of determination in your eyes, thats when you make shit happen.

I took a day off work the other day because one of my good friends needed to be picked up from the airport. Her flight got delayed so I decided to lay in the pool. I didn't even read. I put on Lana Del Rey radio on Pandora, and just sat; and sat some more. I cant even begin to tell you the last time I have had such a wonderful time sitting by my self soaking up the sun just letting my brain suck in the music, and thoughts.

I had a rough weekend, full of drunk kickball, jumping off boats, getting all cut up from barnacles, and blacking out. Some people may frown on theses actions. And maybe at one time I may have felt shame for acting so ridiculous. But who are we to judge. I obviously do these things because they make me happy. To keep my life spontaneous and real. I am still young. I am not tied down, and I do not have children. I would never change a thing about my journey through life, and where I am today. I can only hope it flourishes even more.

Sometimes we get over whelmed, don't loose the child within. You can only regret what you do not do. It is easy to get caught up thinking you're old, and you can't do things you once did. You can. It is all mental. Thinking negatively burns the soul, and kills us slowly.

Be young. Be dope.

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