Monday, September 23, 2013

Where the hell was my guidance counselor that day!?!

I don't know about you. But I think about a bunch of random shit. Like a BUNCH of random shit. I sometimes like to blame it on my imagination.

For example... Sometimes I think about all the random jobs out there. So I'm driving around all day, just thinking about who does these jobs. Someone has to do it. Economy in a rut my ass. 

As most of you know I am an Interior Designer, and one of the things deal with a lot is.. COLOR. Imagine that. We as human beings love color. We strive on color, it is the bane of our existence. It shows how we feel, what we are thinking, our energy level, our living habits, just about everything. But when it comes to color, it is not truly a color, until it is named. And you know exactly what I'm talking about ladies...

Boy walks in... "Wow babe, that orange skirt makes your ass look like a fruit filled muffin I wanna just take a big bite out of." 

You heard nothing of this compliment of him comparing your ass to a sweet diabetic treat. All you heard is orange. As you scoff, "Ugh, ACTUALLY *swiveling your neck and rolling your eyes* its kumquat sorbet... NOT orange!"

...ok, ok maybe we aren't always this dramatic. But hopefully you get my drift, it wouldn't be the same if i didn't have you visualize a little animated movie in your head. 

Of coarse these names have to go further than the classics once we get to a certain point. When you have 6 shades of white, eventually you have get creative. Then with every 6 shades of white, there is 50 companies out there creating that shade. They just have different names so you always purchase their color vs the other brand when your head board slams up against the wall one too many times, and knocks the paint off. This is to insure it is the perfect match.

But who exactly gets this job and how do you apply for it? Then what lucky S.O.B. actually gets that job? Is there specific qualifications?! Do you need a degree? or just a diploma? I'm not sure where my guidance counselor was that day, but sometimes it makes me feel like I got the short end of the stick. Here I went to school to do more with color, but how cool is it to be like "yea bro that paint shade in your living room, its called 'Moroccan Whore' because I said so!" Yup! I officially want to be your best friend, lets go out for margs and we can totally bounce ideas off each other.

So, it probably seems sorta silly, who would wanna name paint colors for a living, it must get boring you say. But think about it. Your nail polish for example. "Oh girl! I love your nails. What color is that?" you reply, "Its the new Essie color, I just named it 'Inebriated Ivory! its in every fashion magazine on the shelf." And sure enough. Every bitch in every fashion magazine has Inebriated Ivory on her nails for the Summer or 2029 season. And you named that shit.

Color me silly if you must. But all my designer friends and I, have all thought about naming paint swatches. It kinda makes things interesting. Who can come up with the most creative name. 

So who ever is out there naming color swatches. I envy you. Because your job, clearly is the shit.
I'm not sure where you get your inspiration from, or the creativity. Hell even the fact that no color is rarely named twice is pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

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