Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Come on baby, light my fire.

Valentines day is probably one of my favorite holidays. Single or not. There is just something about seeing pink and red scattered all over the place, all the blog's posting such pretty things. It can't not make your heart just so happy. Every time Valentines day comes around, I feel like i have just seen glitter for the first time.

Now I understand there is a lot of controversy regarding this holiday and how it was created by the card and candy companies, but come on... its fun! So many different creative ways to show your love to your friends and lovers.

However, I do have one complaint about this holiday... The whole going out to eat bullshit. Because there is nothing more romantic then going to a restaurant crammed packed full of people. It's hot, the line is an hour long, the service sucks because every server is in the weeds, and the two of you end up in some stupid fight because you are hangry (angry due to hunger). This is a cop out if you ask me. If you want to take me out to dinner on Valentines you better have a private jet waiting that is taking us to Italy or something. Not Applebees.

I want you to show me your love. Not buy me jewelry, candy, and flowers because you feel obligated to for a holiday. Now don't get me wrong. I love jewelry, candy, and flowers but I rather those things done randomly.

Get creative. Do something fun. Make me fall in love all over again.

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