Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Down the rabbit hole....

Planning an elaborate party isn't easy. But results are unforgettable. There is nothing more satisfying then seeing what you saw in your head, come to life.

I worked on my Unbirthday for a month. Collecting all the pieces I needed was the most difficult part. Plus naturally, I wanted to spend as little money as possible. Making your fantasy come to life on a budget can be tricky. I only wanted to spend 100 dollars not including food or alcohol. And I did a pretty damn good job. I haven't crunched any numbers yet, and honestly probably never will. But I came close to it. The most expensive things purchased was stuff from the party store (plates, table cloths, cutlery) and lights that I strung around the house. Originally I bought 4 strands, hoping to do more with them. But we only used two. So those will be heading back to the store. Jackpot.

Everything else I borrowed from friends and family. Wine glasses, and extra tables and chairs. Which can get expensive. Plus what am I supposed to do with 20 wine glasses after the party is over, if I was to go purchase my own. I don't have storage space for that. It's bad enough I have like a billion teacups now.

The teacups were one of the most important pieces to the party though. My aunt was super sweet and went and got them all for me. I was super impressed when she knocked it out in a day. It would have taken me 3 or 4 days to do it, plus I wasn't looking forward to tea cup shopping either. I really don't like shopping in general. But I needed them. I needed as many mismatched teacups as I could get. And she hit the floor running and did a wonderful job. She didn't spend that much either. I think the most she spent on a cup was a few bucks... good to know for the future -- Like i'll EVER need any more teacups then I have right now.

In the midst of getting my teacups, and my party planned and put together, one day another Aunt sent us a thank you letter. Of all the thank you letters she could have sent that day it just happened to be one of Alice's tea party. My dad gave her a call, and she had absolutely no idea that I had been planning this party. Just sheer coincidence.

So on my birthday, she sent me a teacup that my Nana had collected back when she was a teenager. The most beautiful teacup I have ever seen in my life. She included a little candy/nut bowl along with it. Both of them age over 70 years old. They both attended the party. Including a teacup from Germany that was my Great Grandfathers. I couldn't have a party that these family heirlooms were not included in. However, they left the party earlier then others, in fear of being broken.

Everyone was such a help, my cousin letting me use her printer so I could do invites, the banner, and all the eat me, drink me, and try me signs. Krista with helping me decorate. Jenn helped me make the photo props. Everyone stepped up when I needed help. 

Oh and of coarse my wonderful kitty for helping eat the cup cakes when I walked away for ten minutes to watch Grimm in between icing them... what cat doesn't just LOVE strawberry icing?

And last but not least... Pinterest for helping us all come together with ideas... in the end it looked like pinterest threw up all over my party. Which I am quite impressed that everything actually turned out as wonderfully as it did, because if any one has yet to try anything off pinterest, they know it works maybe 1% of the time.

Needless to say Pinterest.. you're ok in my book for now... =]

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