Thursday, April 4, 2013

No sex in the champagne room.

Consideration n - 
1. Careful thought, typically over a period of time.
2. A fact or a motive taken into account into deciding or judging something.

This word has been easily forgotten by men recently. Not all men. But a good majority of them. But you know some women are to blame for this behavior. This is such a wide topic, I am going to try to keep it to a minimum because I am sure I could vent forever.

What is dating? Dating is when a man wants a court a female and take her out and "fluff his feathers," show the woman a good time so she may give the said boy another chance and hopefully they fall in love and then have lots of babies.

Is traditional dating even still around? I think this question is a double edged sword. There are some men who were raised and court the girl and all that good stuff. Open doors, throw a coat over a puddle, all that stuff we saw in movies. But today there is this weird twist on everything. I think Drake said it best in the song Doing it wrong. He said "We live in a generation of, not being in love, and not being together. But we sure make it feel like we're together, because we are afraid of seeing each other with somebody else."


Everything changes with time. It is unfair to expect society to stay the same when we are a society that craves change. If you disagree then I assume you are still wearing a loincloth and rope sandals living in a mud hut because you hate the thought of change and wearing any sort of fashion and living in a house with running water and electricity.

 I bring up the definition of consideration today because I have come to find that we do not make dates ahead of time any more. It is always spur of the moment. But the other party isn't doing anything to break this habit. We get a call or text saying "hey wanna come over" and the other party goes. Because why would we turn someone down that we like?

This happened to me last night....

It is 9:00 pm I just got done working out and I'm getting in the shower. I get a text "Wanna come cuddle?" Me being the asshole I am bitching about would normally go, however, not todayyyyyyy motha suckaaaa! When I decline the offer the other party gets upset. This is when I chime in. "I find it flattering that you thought of me and would like for me to come over, however I wish that I had more notice to be able to plan my night better. It is 9:30 and you want to just ask for me to come over right now and it is not fair"

Please correct me if I am wrong for have blogging about this, but it really isn't fair and we are all spoiled now a days. We all want instant gratification. I think that men and women should plan a little further in advance. Spur of the moment is fun, esp if you had nothing to do in the first place. But when everything is just spur of the moment it almost starts to seem like that person is not thinking about you ahead of the time and just right then. Esp when you know them fairly well.

I do not have time for the games anymore. And I know I am partially to blame for entertaining the games. But not no more. I am getting too old for the silliness. Time to change somethings.

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