Monday, December 10, 2012

Glitter on the highway


Yup it is that time again. Christmas time. 

I have been pretty excited for Christmas this year. Not sure where it came from but all of a sudden out of no where it was like *BAM* CHRISTMAS SPIRT! I think the main reason for this was that last year I was super stressed out getting ready to head to San Francisco, and finishing my finals so I couldn't really enjoy Christmas as much as I would have liked. Yet I do remember singing "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" over, and over, driving everyone nuts to the point where my mom actually bought me a stuffed hippo for christmas. 

This year I did have a nightmare about my Christmas tree before we got ours though... It was quite devastating. 


I wake... Head to the living room to find our 
christmas tree up against the wrong window. 
"The tree always goes in front of the big window," I say to myself. 
Getting up set. I start to move things around 
to get the tree in front of the proper window.
The closer and closer the tree gets to the large window, 
the smaller the tree gets. "What the hell?" 
Then I realize...
 Mom and Dad placed the tree infront of the smaller window 
to fool me into thinking it was bigger then it really was.  


No one will ever understand how upset I was from that dream.. But no worries our tree is beautiful. My mom and I decorated it the other day. Normally I don't like a lot of lights.... Ya know, less is more type of thing? Well the past few months I have been obsessed with shiny. So this year I'm like "Mom lets do lots of lights this year!" 

So how about three strands of lights later... we aren't even half way down the tree and have to go buy more. She gave me a hard time, but I kinda love it. Out of all the trees I have seen posted by my friends, mine has the most lights. Its pretty amazeballs in my opinion.

So tonight I decided to try to decorate. I almost went on a Christmas warpath till I started drinking. Which I only had one little baby bottle of Crown left out of my entire stash. But I guess one and a half drinks is better then none.

I am still not satisfied. I think that this house is turning into a total hoarders paradise per my father, and I am starting to get claustrophobic within my own skin. Or maybe I am just out growing this place and it is time for my own.. but one step at a time.

Luckily I found my mini Christmas tree that I put in my room. Its super shiny silver, with glitter ornaments distracted me long enough for the Crown to kick in.

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