Friday, November 30, 2012

I'm super late, and way over dressed.

As most of you know the Powerball was Wednesday. The jackpot was like what, 550 million dollars. Naturally, I jumped on the band wagon and bought a ticket or two. I was absolutely convinced it was my time to win and my boss had to talk me out of not quitting my job. 

As I was waiting for the clock to hit 11 o'clock to I find out that I was the winner. I thought I would  pack the bag I was going to take on my road trip to Tallahassee. Ya know... to collect my winnings. While I was doing that I was trying to decide the top 5 things I would do that night after my winning was confirmed. 

1.) Buy a case of champagne. 
2.) Drive to Tally
3.) Get Leonardo Dicaprio's phone number and tell him we are getting married.
4.) If Leonardo Dicaprio didn't pick up, repeat with Ryan Gosling.
5.) Call into work, because I wont be making it in time. And they didn't let me quit.

Once 11 o'clock hit I couldn't check my numbers because everyone and their brother was on the website finding out they lost. So I started map questing the directions to where I needed to turn the ticket in at. After everyone realized they they didn't win, because honestly... what are the chances. I finally got to check my ticket.... and...

I didn't get one damn number. Not one.

Wheel of Fortune tryouts are next Sunday... at least I have a back up plan. I guess it is a good thing I didn't quit my day job after all. 

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