Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm a twit, degenerate young rebel -- And I'm proud of it.

So... I was getting ready to work more on my blog. When I realized I needed my photobucket account. Lets just say, wow trip down memory lane. Remember that addiction a few years ago called Myspace and how you could do your page all up how ever you wanted it. Well lets just say I have a photobucket full of junk that once covered my Myspace page. Lets just say I instantly forgot what the mission at hand was and began cruising though all the photo albums.

It is amazing to see how much we grow when we don't even realize it. The years start to flicker by like a fluorescent light getting ready to go out. It is so important to hold on to the little things. As humans we are always changing. Even the way you play changes. You go from playing with blocks and dolls, to boys and girls, to partying and being a free spirit trying to find your own. Your binge drinking turns into, having one or two with the crew. Late nights turn into early evenings. 

How I miss those days at times. Sometimes you don't even realize everything has changed. All of a sudden you and your friends aren't doing exactly what you used to. You want it to be like it was, but in the end... It can't be. That chapter closed. And no matter how much you wish you could go back to those days, the days ahead are just as great if not better. They might not be as wild. But they are new memories. That is what counts. If we continued to hit rewind and replay, we could never move forward. 

So even though I miss those careless days, I'm glad that I am where I am now. So many people have come and gone. But each person helped me flourish into the woman I have become today. And in the end, the people who truly matter, are still by my side to this day. 

How amazing is it how quickly we age too? One minute we're hot stuff the next we are rushing to the corner store to pick up cream for our crows feet. I'm still rather young. And I know some of you ladies are rolling your eyes at me and mumbling some words under your breath. But honestly it sneaks up on you. And its not that its a bad thing. I found a quote a few months ago. Everyone loves quotes. But this one really pulled on the ol' heart strings. 

"Do not regret growing older. For it is a privilege denied by many"

So many people do not get the opportunity to grow old and wise. By why does it have to show in my face? I guess thats what I get for smiling too much, and scrunching up my face from being so animated all these years.

Enjoy life where it takes you. Enjoy the people who come and go. It is natural to miss people who we have learned to love over the years and then we loose. But I believe that everything happens for a reason. Also don't forget to enjoy the life you live. My rule of thumb is you can't regret something that once made you happy. My second rule of thumb is the more fun I have now, the more fun i will have telling my kids and grandkids about how awesome I was in my prime. 

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