Sunday, January 8, 2012

Easy Tiger...

So everyone has been asking me about the house. I'm staying in North Beach, which is an awesome neighborhood. Fisherman's Wharf and all the piers are about an 8 minute walk from my house. And the famous crookedest street is one block up. I can see the cars zig zag down the road from the corner. 

I found this place on craigslist. It is monthly and I am renting the room, and I have two housemates. They are really nice.  This house was built in 1916 and then the top level was  built in 1920. Everything is so authentic it is awesome. The house has some cosmetic issues and I wish I could just restore her to the beauty she could be. I think I might look into some restoration programs, or see if I can get into some volunteer thing with all the old victorian homes around here. I've always found restoration interesting, and being here makes me want to look into it, so I would know what this place may have looked like back when it was originally built.
My house is the pink one. We had the top story. Its a duplex.

This is the view from the house. thats downtown with the tall buildings.

This is more to the left looking out. Thats Coit tower in the far distance and the water is all the way to the left.

Down town at night.

The original inlaid wood floor designs. <3

This is my closet and the door out of my room. You can see the beautiful molding and door casements along with crystal door handles and skeleton key locks.

This is my new best friend Hera. There is 3 kitties in the house. Lucky and Daisy don't like me much. 

This is the living room. The ceiling is ornamented with plaster vines, that frame the perimeter.

This is the kitchen, equipped with a gas stove. Absolutely no counter space, so there is not microwave, or toaster. The arched area has built in booth seating. 

The kitchen has two areas for sinks. Next to the sink is the built in old ice box, now used for storage. Pretty wild.

This is Joy and Dans little area, there is another stove in here, along with another sink and a washer. The counters were built extra short for Dan's grandmother.

This is a view with the fog, and as you can see our clothes line, because there is no dryer.

This is one of the hills down the street from the house... Looks like inception to me.

This is that same hill.. Doesn't look as steep up close, as far away. However, if you look closely there is no side walk. Those are steps. You know a hill is steep when it has steps for a sidewalk.

My room is a decent size, it came furnished with a queen sized bed, a night stand, a table, a pop up shelf, a book shelf, and plants, which I think are already dying. 

The house is pretty neat. It's a duplex home, and when you come in the front door you climb a flight of stairs, but I think it averages out to 2 flights. There is another room at the front of the house that has a bunch of random stuff in it, a fireplace, a piano. Then there is my housemates room. After you walk up the stairs you have one hall way that goes straight down and you end in the kitchen or dining/living area. The bathroom is a split bathroom, theres a room with just a toilet, then next door is the tub/shower and a sink. The tub is so old there is 5 knobs. 2 for the tub, one for the drain, and 2 for the shower. 

Needless to say, this place is pretty wild. It needs lots of love, but if you're going to live in Cali for 4 months, you might as well stay in an old school victorian house. 

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