Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not all who wonder are lost.

Hey Y'all! So I hear Florida has  been pretty cold these past few days! I hope everyone is staying warm because I don't want to come home to a bunch of frozen popsicles!!! Nah, you guys will all be fine, it will be 90 degrees before you realize it.

Things have been going good here! I've been having some problems getting home from the firm for whatever reason, hahaha. Its kinda ridiculous actually. I can get to work fine, but coming home I just cant figure it out for whatever reason. Thursday I had orientation, I went to HBA and I got to meet everyone finally. Signed some paperwork got my key, the bathroom code. Important stuff. After I left orientation, I decided I would walk home to see how long it would take for shits and giggles. It took me about an hour. It was a beautiful day out. I didn't even have to wear a coat. After I got home I decided to go to Coit tower. Its right down the street from my house on a huge hill and I have yet to go see it. It was a suicide mission, but I told my self, if I do that I will treat myself to Chipotle. So up the huge hill I went.

Destination... Coit Tower.

It didn't take as long as I thought it would to get up. The hills def are inception style though. You look at them, and its like the walls are folding in on you. As you can tell by my picture it was starting to become night fall while I was walking. I really got up there at a beautiful time of the day. I may need to walk it regularly. 

That is the bay bridge in the background. The Golden Gate would be left in this picture. But the view was absolutely amazing. There is only one road to even get to the tower and thats Lombard. Lombard is the crookest street as well. If you stand on the corner of my street you can see the cars zig zagging down the road a block away. It is really too cool. But anyways, now that I got off topic... to get to Coit tower you go up Lombard and then you go up stairs in Pioneer Park, and then the walk way spirals up the hill. The road going up is asphalt but from the tree roots growing its starting to crack. If I would have waited any later to go it could have been dangerous coming down because there are no lights.

Coit tower is an Art Deco style building made from unpainted, reinforced concrete. It was built in 1933 and stands 233 feet tall. On the inside of the building there is fresco murals that surround the walls.

Well needless to say, I got my Chipotle that night. hahaha. It was well worth it. Well my internship was supposed to start Monday the 9th, however, I started early! The firm had a big project that needed to be done by today, because they are going to China to present it. It was so exciting. I mean..... I was just putting material boards together, but at least I know how to do that! hahaha. Well I was exhausted at the end of the day. To make it better I couldn't get home. It was the worst experience ever. So this should be entertaining for you...

So I get on the train fine, whatever get off at a new stop. Well then I can't find the bus stop. So I walk way to far, to walk back because I passed it. So 511 told me to get on the 45 bus, well the 8x came. So I don't get on it because it wasn't the bus I wanted. Then I come to find out it WAS the bus I wanted. So now no busses are coming. Every bus that drives past is now "not in service." So now while I'm waiting for this bus to come, some guy decides that he has to pee and like right next to me would  be the perfect place to relieve himself. So because that wasn't exciting enough. I'm just standing there waiting for the bus, of coarse because it just decided to stop running. Two girls are walking down the street and the one girl just throws up. So now this girl is vomiting on the side of the street. Some guys pissing next to me and the busses aren't running. I was hating life at this point. Finally the bus comes and there are 3 lined up. The busses run like every 10 minutes here FYI so to wait 30 minutes for a bus is a little extreme. So I finally get on the bus, and to my area. I could have walked home faster by the way. So I get off at a different station that i'm used to and I'm all turned around now. I start walking in the right direction, but then I thought it was the wrong direction. So I start walking back, when I was really walking in the right direction to begin with. It was insane. Luckily I had plans to go out with a friend I met at the hostel, so I could go release some steam. 

After I got home and relaxed a little bit, we went down to the Mission District to this art show. It was sponsored by which was kind of cool because thats who I have my portfolio website by. Which I need to update by the way. Here is the link if you haven't checked it out. 

After the art show we went to a spanish tapas bar, which I will be going back to. Place was tight. We got a hotdog wrapped in bacon.. Best idea ever. Then we hoped on the BART by midnight to get back to our area. We walked home which took about 30 minutes from the station, and stopped in another little bar before headed home. It is kind of crazy to be in a new city and try to go out, because you don't know whats good or not. But we made the most of it. 

Needless to say I have been in bed all day. I'm exhausted. I should really go play but I just want to lay in bed like a bum. 

So what is everyones New Year resolutions? Do you make them? Or is it just something you think about and never do anything about? I never really do them but this year I have decided to. I think its mainly because I am in a new city, and it is the perfect opportunity to do this. My resolution is to do me. I have just busted my ass for 3 years to finally get this degree. I'm in a new city. There is no reason why I shouldn't just worry about me. I don't want a relationship with anyone. I don't want anyone to think that our friendship is more then just a friendship. Like everything on the table. I want to be a brat and be selfish all to my self. I want my friends to support me in my decisions. I just want to be alone, I want to have fun, and I want to surround my self with the people I love as much as possible. I can't make anyone happy until I am absolutely happy with my self. BOOM! Thats it thats my resolution. TO DO ME! And so far I am doing awesome. 

I miss you all, I still need to post pictures of my house, everyone is requesting it. Maybe I'll take a nap and do it a little later. 

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