Friday, September 5, 2014

If you wanna live on your own terms -- You've gotta be willing to crash and burn.

Holy cow, man!



Have you realized how fast this freaking year has gone by?

For starters, I haven't blogged since like, what? Valentines day. That's freaking ridiculous. I need blogging in my life. But when the day turns into a week, that's now the weekend and another holiday gone out the window; who has time?!

I cant even right now. I really cant. So much has happened since February. I don't even know where to really begin. I have moved back to my home town MONTHS AGO. And I have seen a few new places here and there... I might wanna bust out those photos so you can see. Needless to say I have been distracted. I don't want to be distracted, nor do I enjoy it -- sometimes it just happens.

I'm in a place of my life right now that I haven't been before. 30 is knocking on the back door and that pretty little list I made years ago look pretty wimpy. So wimpy I don't even have the finished version on the site yet. Pathetic. But even though I have only checked off a few things on that list, I wouldn't say that I have just been sittin' on my butt. Yeah, yeah -- I maybe a little disappointed I am not as far as I would like to be; but a lot has happened, I would have never even knew to put on that list!

-- So lets break it down --

If you are a person of passion, as I. You might like to do a looooot of things ya may not have time for! Then one day you decide to pick up a few new things. Now you have all these hobbies and you want to do them all and you can't! If only we could win the lottery and play all day.

Having a lot of hobbies isn't a bad thing. In fact this is a quality I tend to look at strongly for the opposite sex and the friends I pick up along the way. The thing about hobbies is it shows that you are passionate. When a person isn't passionate about anything -- there's a problem. Plus hobbies keep ya busy. If you're not actively involved in a hobby, then I bet a buck, you're bored out ya, gourd. And if you're bored... you're probably going to bore me, because I like to do stuff!

I remember when I was growing up and I'd bring a guy home to meet my dad and the age old question would come out.... "So whats he like to do?" If that list was short, non-existent, or full of stuff like play-video games -- Daddy wasn't buying it. It took a few years for me to fully understand why he would get such a sour look on his face.

Wanna guess how many of those guys I am still with? NONE!

They couldn't entertain them self, let alone me. And I hope for their sake as the years have gone by they have found a few passions of their own, and aren't all red-eyed, still stuck in front of a screen.

So cheers to the hobbies we have and being too busy to blog. Sometimes it isn't always a bad thing! If I wasn't out doing stuff, then I wouldn't have anything to blog about!


What are your favorite things to do during free time? Scrapbook? Garden? Brew Beer? 

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