Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ready or Not....

Well... I've been gone for quite some time now... The last time we left off I was just getting ready to start school, and sure was anxious. Lets just say the time has flown. Lots of things have happened and if I was to go into every detail we would have a novel on our hands.

So lets get the cliff notes version.

- I am single.
- I am jobless as of now
- I am a SENIOR at RCAD.
- I moved back home.
- I have never worked so hard in my life.
- I have some of the best friends I could ask for.
- And I am about to embark on the journey of a life time.

So whats this journey of a life time you ask? Well... In 2 days I'm getting on a plane and San Francisco bound for 4 months. Reason? I got an internship at Hirsch Bedner Associates. Just the number one luxury hospitality firm in the interior design industry, and oh man am I excited! Not only am I excited but I've never had so many emotions run through me at one time. Excitement, nervousness, anxiousness, fear.

The past few weeks have been nuts. Trying to find a plane ticket, trying to find a place to live, coping with the fact that I have to use public transportation, I wont have my truck and thats a comfort that I have to learn to live with out. Just the mere thought that I can't just get up and go whenever I want.

My parents raised me to travel, and the older I have gotten the more independent I have gotten. I've flown to Germany by my self so whats the big deal? Well I guess the big deal is that no matter how many times I've flown by my own is that I always had someone to meet me at the airport, I've always had someone to show me around when I arrived at my destination. This time is differnt. This time it's all me. This time I'm moving across the country with six grand.

Everyone is excited for me, but sad to see me go. They understand this is a chance of a lifetime. I'd be nuts not to do it. As for me... I think its going to shape me as a person, and as a woman. I think its what I need. Dropped in a city I'm unfamiliar with, and its up to me and only me if I survive or not. It will either make me... or break me. And honestly, I think its going to make me into something amazing.

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