Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crunch Time!

Well, looks like that time is finally here. School starts in 6 days. Its almost surreal. This time last year I was thinking about applying and now its here. I called my counselor today, because I still haven't gotten my schedule, I'm only currently signed up for one class. I kinda gotta know what classes I'm going to be in, not only so I can tell work, but so I can get my books and also... I'm just freaking excited. i want to know what I'm going to be taking! arg! I want to know if the yoga class is going to fit in my schedule, and how much personal time it will look like that I'm going to have. Anyways my counselor told me that I should know tomorrow, shes just waiting for the head of the ID department to give her a written conformation that I can be a second year and that I can be put in those classes, she said it looks like im going to have a full schedule and i will have like 3 studio classes and my art history class. I'm just getting so nervous!!! ahhh. having dreams about school and what not. I just hope i live up to what everyone says I am. I also want to know when im getting my new macbook. which im super excited to get... DUH! who wouldn't be excited. =]

Loving him is like a song i replay every three minutes and thirty seconds of everyday.
and every chorus was written for us to recite.
every beautiful melody of devotion every night.
this potion might, this ocean might, carry me.
in a wave of emotion to ask you to marry me.
and every word, every second and every third.
expresses the happiness more clearly then ever heard.
and when i play em, every chord is a poem
telling the lord how grateful i am because i know him
the harmonies possess a sensation similar to your caress.
if your asking then I'm telling you yes. its yes.
stand in love, take my hand and love Jah bless

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