Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ants in my pants....

So this is it. The last hoorah.. Im busting out of this joint as of 7:15 am tomorrow morning. What do I have left to do? EVERYTHING! This still has not hit me yet. It looks like the clothing gods have blown up my house. Stuff everywhere! I start to make piles, then before you know it your stepping over the most random shit like land mines, hoping not to get either blown to smithereens or sucked into a females nightmare. How can I possibly fit every shoe, purse, ring, bra, skirt and blouse into one suitcase under 50 lbs? haha... yea right. Now we minimize... If it wasn't for Tina, I wouldn't be halfway near as close as I am now... "Val you have 5 T-shirts all in different colors, why must you bring them all? Choose one!!!!" "Val, you do not need to bring every pair of sweat pants you own!"... maybe I like to be comfy and I feel like not leaving the house for a weekend... well we all know when you lay around the house for a weekend, you don't change... So clearly I just did what any girl would do, I opened another bottle of wine, and watched her pack my shit for me. She def didn't leave my house unhappy that she just packed for someone else, because I think she left with a suitcase full of clothes and coach purses for her self. Seriously? If I haven't worn it in years, it wont be worn in Cali.

So having all this stuff to do, and obviously I'm a procrastinator! who wants to go shopping?! Great.. I've come back with more crap to shove in my suitcase! Noooo! I was good! I got some little commuter shoes that have a little bag, so I'm not trekking across Cali in 4 inch stilettos that turns into me head over ass down a hill. And I picked up a little Vera Bradley Diddy bag, for my toiletries so I don't have my stuff everywhere, and a little case for my headphones... So what all do I have left to do? PACK! for starters, Then I gotta get my money right, what about music? i have no music on my laptop as of the moment, and I cant travel 2000 miles with out Drake and Weezy F Baby... thats just absurd. PS... I haven't even attempted to clean anything... OMG. Forget sleeping tonight...

Well I guess I should stop blabbing on... I have stuff to do, and the girls will be here soon. Great... something tells me theres going to be tears.

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