Monday, January 2, 2012

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I left Florida in the wee hours of the morning on December 30th. I was anxious and nervous, and not to mention emotional. My flight left Tampa probably around 7:30 am, and I had a layover in Phoenix, AZ. Obviously the airport knew I was coming because my gate in Phoenix was right across from a Burrito Grill and a Cantina.

I finally arrived in San Francisco around 1 pm pacific time, which is about 4 pm Florida time. I was looking out the window of the plane like a 5 year old. I wish it just wasn't so cloudy that day. I think I saw the Golden Gate, but I could have been trying to imagine it was there. It took forever for my luggage to come out of coarse, and holy moly was it heavy! I was so sore the next day just from carrying two huge cary on's around all day.

I decided not to mess with the BART and to grab a Super Shuttle instead. Driving into the city I started to get goose bumps and get very excited for what was in store. I felt like I was in a foreign country. Out of all the traveling I have done, Cali is completely different from all the other states I have been to. The hills are just littered with houses smashed one by one into each other. 

One after the next we dropped the people off that I was sharing the shuttle with... My first experience with the hills. "This cant be real life." I thought to my self. It was one thing going up these narrow hills, each side lined with cars parked up and down them, barely enough room for us to drive through. So after we drive up these huge hills, I completely forget that once you go up, you must come down. We are talking about 55 degree hills. It was intense! 

Finally I arrive at my destination. The Pacific Tradewinds Hostel. Staring at this blue door, I drag my luggage into nothing but a stairwell. Theres no way this luggage is going up at once. Flight, after flight I climb.... these stairs are never ending. Im a Florida girl, the most stairs I climb is maybe 2 flights -- 3 is the extreme. 4 flights of stairs later after screaming up to the reception that someone needs to come get my suitcase because theres no way I'm getting this thing up the stairs. Stefan greets me, and tries to take one of the 2 bags I am carrying. I say "baby... your bags at the bottom." I get checked in where they show me my bunk. Theres a bunch of people in this little common area just hanging out and everyone was super friendly. I felt kind of out of place at first and was exhausted from my travels so I stayed in my room for a bit, then decided I wanted to go look around for a while.

I started to just walk. Grabbed some Starbucks, first day in the city and it was foggy and misting. Oh well! Nothing was going to stop my curiosity. I walked through China Town, which was interesting on its own. Found Union Square where I was welcomed with all the stores every girl adores -- Prada, Burberry, Juicy, Coach... Oh one day <3 
Well after spending my evening traveling around the city, I treated my self with some Thai food, Skyped with some of my loves, and then retired for the evening. 

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