Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where are my keys? I just lost my phone.

Good evening everybody. It is a beautiful rainy evening coming from Florida. I believe this is the first real rain I have gotten since I have been back. Excuse my absence for the past what will be a month, since I have left California.

Things have been hectic on this side of the world. I arrived home on Monday, April 23rd. My Senior Show was that Friday. The Tuesday after my arrival I had a hair appointment, and then a dinner date with the Wolfpack at B-Dubs, or formally known as Buffalo Wild Wings. It was so great to see the girls after 4 months. All the changes we all had gone through. 

After that night I had to go back and forth to Sarasota all up until Friday to prepare for the Senior Show, as well as grabbing some cold one's with the girls. One night I decided to do my portfolio over which kept me at school until 3am in the morning. So glad this was the last time I will be ever doing that. The night goes splendid up until the time you would like to print and then everything breaks down on you... Including your car. Thank goodness Geremy waited for me and was there to give me a jump.

Thursday me and Geremy went to Micheal's and Target to get stuff for the Senior Show -- well attempt to anyways. We had no idea what we wanted to do to our booths. We went to Target first and I ended up with some shoes and she had about 10 cans of Tomato Soup. This was the night I was stuck at school real late as well. 

The Senior Show was from 7-9pm and the purpose is to display our Senior Capstone project that we did in the Fall Semester before our internship or displays your Thesis project if you opted with that choice instead of an Internship.

Being that I live 45 minutes away from school I opted to get everything done at home that I could and get to school a bit early to set up my display since we had problems setting up the day prior when we were supposed to due to staff. I woke up a bit late that morning, since I didn't arrive home until about 4 am. I got up and immediately started making my chocolate covered Oreo Pops.

While I am slaving away trying to make my Oreo Pops for my show I come to find out that I don't have enough chocolate, or ribbon. I had been texting my good friend Jones earlier joking about how he should come over and help me bust out all these Oreo Pops for my show. He said if I needed him he would more then willingly swing through to help me out. Well looks like I needed him because I ran out of those items and didn't have time to go to the store. So being a super sweet friend, he went and got me what I needed. He even helped me sprinkle the pops, and put them in their individual bags. 

I got everything done in the right amount of time took a shower and got ready for the nights festivities. I was just jumping on the interstate when the Head of the Interior Design Department called me wondering why my booth was not set up yet. I informed him I would be there in 45 minutes and everything would be set up. Sure enough I got down to where I needed to be and got my booth set up, but in the mist of things Food Services showed up and had no where to put all the food we ordered. So in the middle of trying to finish hanging my boards, set up my booth, and change into my evening attire I had to deal with that as well. Thank goodness I have gone to Ringling for 3 years and I know how to handle anything that hits me. 

The show was awesome. My family all showed up: Mom, Dad, my Cousin Ashley, my Aunts Chris and Linda, their husbands and the a close family friend Pat. I was so happy to have everyone there with me to see all the work that I have strived so hard these past few years to get to. But also so everyone could see all the work that everyone else has strived so hard to achieve and how you can give us all the same project but our personalities come alive in our work making them so completely different. 

We all had a blast taking pictures and enjoying one of my few big nights. The show was over at 9 and we all took pictures as a class and with the staff. We were all greatly relieved when the show was over and we could remove our dreadful heals. 

The wolfpack went out to grab some dinner and have a few cold ones, then we went our separate ways exhausted from the week.

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