Sunday, April 29, 2012

I got to second base with TSA.

For your listening pleasure... I don't think there could be a better song for this moment in time. 

GOOOOOOOD MORNING! It is way to early for this buuuuullshit. The current time is 5:25 a.m California time. I have been up since 3. The taxi came and picked me up at 3:30. He had apparently been sitting out side my house since about 2. I guess he didn't want to be late? I am not sure. I looked out the window saw him sitting there but didn't see anyone in the van. Thennnn I realized he was sleeping! So strange. I had Super Shuttle pick me up and I was the first on the list I suppose. We all got delivered to the airport sleepy but safe. I love that there is no traffic in the city come the early morning hours.  The cab driver was just so strange.. Actually I am going to blame the fact it was so early. He had a monster energy drink and was trying to open it for like 15 minutes. It was a different type of top I have ever seen. It had this black plastic piece and to open it you like slid it to the side. He was amazed that I figured it out to the point where he offered me a sip of his Monster. Yea.... no thanks dude. 

My flights were whatever. I wasn't amused by the thought of being at the airport all day. I don't mind flying and normally love it, but this time the thought of flying did not muse me what so ever. My first flight was packed to the brim. I had a window seat with a comatose lady in the middle and larger lady in the isle. I am tiny. There is absolutely no reason why I should ever be cramped... I was so uncomfortable on this flight it was awful. Once I got to the airport I was so antsy to get home I found my gate and went straight to the closest bar and ordered a bloody mary. I learned a lesson here. If you only have about 20 minutes to drink a bloody mary, don't order it spicy. Wow.. Talk about fire belly. 

My second flight was not bad. Plus once we got to Florida I was like a kid with my face glued to the window. All the blue water and flat land. I was just so happy. My parents were so happy to see me. They brought me some really pretty pink and white roses. 

There was a cold front that came in because when I got out side the temperature felt like I was still in San Fran. It is almost like it warmed up in the Frisco to prepare me for Florida, then cooled down in Florida to give me a good transition. I was so happy to see everyone when I got home. My kitty was happy to see me, but got really skinny over these past few months. His name is now skeletor. I am attempting to fatten him up. Krista and my cousin Ashley came to the house and hung out and it was so nice to be able to see them. 

This week has been so hectic and gone by so fast trying to get ready for my Senior Show that was Friday. Between people trying to see me, wanting to hear my stories and me trying to get stuff ready for the show it has been non stop and hectic. I will post more about the show later. I am exhausted and ready to pass out in this heavenly bed of mine. 

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