Sunday, April 22, 2012

See things as what they are. Not as what you hope they are. The world is full of salesmen.

Hello Summer! I am so glad you could have finally joined us here in San Francisco. Not having to wear a coat is something new to me. Then being able to go out into the world with a T-Shirt and flip flops on... This place is like a brand new experience now. I have come to the assumption that things have started to heat up here to prepare me to head back home. Otherwise I would probably go into some type of climatic shock, get phenomena or something from such a drastic change in temperatures. Thanks Mother Earth... you can never be too careful. 

Being that the weather got so beautiful out me and my housemates decided to take a day trip to Santa Cruz. Wow, what an amazing last sight of California it was for me, and a great birthday trip for Daniel.

Santa Cruz was a fun little place. A board walk full of rides outline the perimeter of the  beach. Anything you could possibly want to do was in this area from Roller Coasters, to Ferris Wheels, Haunted Houses and Arcades. Don't forget your carnival food as well. 

The day was absolutely beatufiul. So hot though! I didn't even check the weather to check the temperature, and honestly I don't want to know what it was. Probably something ridiculous like 70 degrees and I thought it was hot. It was hot enough I wish that I had shorts, I was sweating and on top of all that I managed to get the first sun burn of the year. I guess it kind of worked out in my favor though, at least half of my body we be semi-primed for me to come back to the beautiful UV rays of Florida. I think my skin just went into shock honestly. 

We didn't ride any rides, but walking around was nice enough for me. I love to people watch. All the tourists running to get in line for rides, waiting for their corn dogs, and chasing after kids who were overly excited. 

The beach was packed. Full of families with their little ones running around and building sand castles.  Sail boats were racing along the coast. It was everything I could have imagined about a California beach... Well the family version. Honestly I think I've been desensitized by movies. Thinking there would be surfers and beautiful women everywhere... I probably need to go to Venice for that. I'm still not exactly sure. But it was perfect. 

We took a nice walk along the coast. The water was cold of coarse. But it just felt nice to touch water. I felt like a kid again once I saw the beach. It has been too long. I find it interesting about how different things can be that are so similar to what you know. I grew up on the beach. But I grew up on a tropical beach. Our sand is white, and the beach is not lined with cliffs. The water is bath warm, not freezing cold. Another thing that was different was the sea weed. I should have taken a picture of it because it was bazaar. It looked like piece of surgical tubing with these like bulbs on the end that were full of air or something. I feel like I could have popped them. It was strange. 

After we left the beach we went to downtown Santa Cruz where we got some ice cream and window shopped. It was the cutest little down town ever. Packed full of people. There was a group of teenagers playing blue grass street music. It was pretty cool. There were all types of fun shops from Urban Outfitters to full blown hippie stores where they sewed their own clothing on site. 

The day got later and the air got cooler forcing us to put on our sweaters and scarfs. Before headed home we stopped at a little 2 story restaurant/bar and had a few drinks to finish our trip. We sat on the patio on the roof and it was beautiful. We talked and people watched while the last few rays of hot sunshine beat down upon us. 

We were starving but didn't want to eat anything particular so we chowed down on some chips we had bought for the ride. We took Highway 1 on the way home which lines the coast. This was the first time I really got to see the cliffs and coast of California. It was beautiful. I couldn't believe it. I wish we had a highway that lined the coast at home. But I guess we're not really up. So we would just be driving next to the water so it doesn't exactly work. We stopped off at Año Nuevo State park and took a trip down to the water. The beach was secluded except a few locals sitting around drinking some cold ones.

The beach wasn't full of shells like it would be at home, but full of rocks. Which I enjoyed because I like to collect rocks of all the places I have been. We walked around trying to find the prettiest rocks we could find. I got a few that I can't wait to put in the garden. 

It was so cool trying to get down to the beach. Nothing is easy here. Always full of paths and of coarse stairs to get up or down to where you want to go. There was also a little waterfall coming out of the cliff that had a little stream down to the ocean.


The day was perfect. I couldn't have asked for anything better to send me off back to Florida. I really am going to miss it here. So different then what I am used to. Even though i didn't make a effort to find friends out here. I am glad I did things they way I did. I was so blessed to get to spend these past few months here, not only for the fact that I have had this experience to see California. But that I have gotten this experience to build my self and grow as a person.

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