Tuesday, April 17, 2012

100 fun sized facts about yours truly.

The other day I was thinking about how many of us have so many things that make us... well... US! So many things that many people don't even know about you. So I decided to make a list. It has been hard. Digging deep down into my childhood and life, trying to figure out the undertones that make me who I am. Let's have a go!

1. I have a half brother. His fathers side is Japanese.
2. In 4th grade my science project went to County.
3. Dolphins freak me out.
4. I can do a mean macarena.
5. My longest relationship was 8 years. I haven't been able to keep once since.
6. I was once sent to the principles office in middle school for wearing a Hooters T-Shirt.
7. Always Coke. Never Pepsi
8. I was 25 the first time I rode Space Mountain.
9. I am a Florida Native. 
10. I saw Titanic 13 times in the theater.
11. I have a fear of psychiatric hospitals.
12. I have never had a broken bone, stitches, or been to the ER.
13. I have a cousin with the same birthday -- a year apart. I always thought it made us like twins. She always hated me for it.
14. I am a black sheep in my family.
15. I got to ride a float in the circus when I was a kid.
16. If I could move anywhere it would be Fiji.
17. I wanted to be black when I was in the 5th grade.
18. My favorite villain is Catwoman.
19. I love to eat in bed
20. Woody the woodpecker was my favorite cartoon as a kid.
21. When I was 5 I wanted to marry Madonna.
22. I was chosen for modeling and acting classes when I was in middle school. 
23. I got homesick at camp once and wouldn't sleep over at friends houses till almost high school.
24. On my 16th birthday I got a turtle from my parents and a diamond ring from my boyfriend. I cared more about the turtle then the ring.
25. I was ruffied once when I was 20.
26. I was bitten by a squirrel when I was a little girl.
27. I slept though a hurricane on a yacht when I was about 5.
28. I was so bad in the 5th grade I had to sit in front of the class at the chalkboard.
29. My grandma passed away when I was in pre-school. When my mom told me she passed away I thought she was joking and was just playing hide and seek with me. It killed me when I realized she wasn't.
30. My favorite scar growing up was a chicken pox scar on my tummy. I always had to show it off.
31. My favorite cake is pound cake my Nana used to make.
32. I refused to eat Shrimp until I was 19.
33. I wouldn't eat when I was a toddler. The health department made my mom feed me Ensure. I still love it till this day.
34. When the Ferby came out. I got one with brown eyes and made my mom exchange it because brown eyes were ugly. Brown eyes are my absolute favorite now. 
35. I hate to show emotion.
36. I can walk away from people a little too easily. 
37. I will always pick cookies over cake.
38. I took wood shop in High School.
39. I have donated my hair to Locks of Love. Which makes wigs for children with cancer.
40. I love to be alone.
41. I love to sit outside.
42. I love to read.
43. I can't make my self throw up... No matter how hard I try.
44. I could wear comfy clothes my whole life. But I can't turn down a reason to get dressed up.
45. My favorite thing to eat is Cheez-It's and Coke. 
46. I hate drinking water. It is so boring. 
47. I am never on time. Always late. 
48. I make multiple plans with different people. Then pick the funnest and cancel my other plans. 
49. I don't have any tattoos.
50. I have 6 piercings. 
51. I was a nail biter till I was 21. I still relapse on occasion.
52. I have 5 nephews. 
53. I absolutely cannot do anything without music.
54. I once crashed my car into a palm tree in a parking lot. 
55. I prefer solids over patterns. 
56. I have an addiction to tacos, pancakes and french toast.
57. I will always choose cole slaw over french fries.
58. Ice cream will always go in a cone. Never in a cup. 
59. I don't like my french fries with ketchup.
60. Mixing your ketchup and mayonnaise is not where its at... But mixing bbq sauce and honey mustard is.
61. I like weird food combinations. Like ham and m&m's or oreo's and dorito's. 
62. Ranch tastes good on everything.
63. My first rap CD was the 69 Boyz.
64. When I am over tired my right leg starts to hurt.
65. I rarely get headaches.
66. I can eat a jar of green olives in a sitting. But only green.
67. Im obsessed with to-do lists. When I get super stressed I whip out my oh-shit-list
68. I can't live with out my day planner.
69. I'm an organized slob. 
70. I spread my work over an entire surface.
71. I hate to hurt peoples feelings.
72. When people begin to like me, I try to scare them off by telling them how much of a horrible person I am. 
73. I act harder then I am for fear of growing attachment to others.
74. My presence tends brings out the energy in children and animals.
75. I have a hard time saying no, I don't like confrontation. 
78. I was blessed with patience.
79. I could sleep anywhere.
80. I am a horrible listener.
81. I am a wonderful daydreamer.
82. I believe in soul mates.
83. There is always random things in my bed. I always wake up with something that doesn't belong.
84. I want to please everyone some how.
85. I always wait till the last minute. 
86. I never think before I speak.
87. I rather work 3 part time jobs then 1 full time job.
88. I have never been in a wedding.
89. I am not allergic to anything.
90. I love Giraffes. I think it is because i am so short
91. I am 5'0" tall and My foot and ring finger are a size 5.
92. If I could change one thing about my appearance it would be my nose.
93. Out of all the beautiful men in hollywood. I would still take Leonardo DiCaprio any day.
94. Apples are one of my favorite fruits. Along with purple grapes and pineapple.
95. I never eat my vegetables. 
96. I have to have milk before I go to bed.
97. When I was a kid I always had to have my hair in a pony tail with a headband
98. I used to call squirrels "Petey"
99. I have always been insecure about my appearance, yet overly vain about it as well.
100. I was a very picky eater as a child. From traveling and spending time with ethnic house holds, I will now pretty much eat anything you put in front of me.

There you have it! 100 things about me! Was there anything that you had no idea about? Or maybe a few things you did know? Or did any of these things get you thinking about childhood memories you haven't thought about in a while? I bet you're thinking now... What makes me... ME! 

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