Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Take your pleasures seriously.

If you're like me there are certain things in your life that you just do and honestly don't think about. I am guilty at always spending twenty bucks on breakfast when I go out... On just me. Little ol' me. I'm not quite sure why i do it, and why I don't even care that I did it. In fact, I wont let my self spend that amount of money on any meal of the day. I don't even like spending that much money when I go to the bar. But when we are talking breakfast... There is no saying no. 

Honestly, I think its mainly because breakfast is almost like a treat.  Yea I make french toast at home, and I can whip up a serious batch of drunk pancakes and eggs. But how often do you get to enjoy a really nice breakfast out that isn't shitty ass IHOP or Denny's? Go on... I'll wait.

Needless to say for me it doesn't happen that often. Half the time I'm not even up for breakfast so if I am eating it I either:
a) made it at home -- or
b) am eating it at 3am at shitty ass IHOP or Denny's. 

So I like to splurge and indulge when I get the chance. I either get lucky and they have what I want as a platter meal, or I gotta go a la carte which I could careless, because if its breakfast and I'm craving it, I'm getting it. 

Here in San Francisco the food is amazing. I haven't had one bad meal yet. Even the fast food is delicious.  Growing up with a dad for a Chef really changes your view on food I believe. You appreciate the food more. I wasn't raised eating out every other night at chain style restaurants like Applebee's, Chili's and the Sizzler. In fact, the only time we went out to dinner was when we were on vacation and maybe a special occasion. Then when we did go out, we always looked for the mom and pop places. The hidden treasures. San Fran is the best place for this. They are everywhere. No chain restaurants really anywhere. 

So theres this place Mama's on Washington Square. Since the first day in the city this place has had a line wrapped around the building.

Anywhere that acquires this type of a line basically everyday of the week must be worth trying. There is just one problem... That line. I have been attempting to get there the past few weeks. But the other problem is that they are open from 8-3 and I don't wake up till like noon on my days off. Well today was the day. Woke up at noon of coarse, and it was a beautiful rainy San Francisco day. Plus its Tuesday. My though process went something like this... Tuesday + Rain + 1:30pm = no way the place is going to be busy... who wants to stand in the rain? So I got up and got dressed and headed out the door. and BOOM! No line! The place was tiny, like every restaurant here in the Frisco. The perimeter was lined with tables and there was a counter with glass where you could watch them make peoples food. You walk up to the register order your food, pay cash. No cards. When a table is ready, someone seats you, then they bring out your food. It was amazing. 

I had to wait about 15-20 minutes before I got sat. The place was still packed. There were two girls in front of me, once some tables got up they were turned immediately and we were sat and fed. I wasn't even in there for an hour. 

I had the Swedish Cinnamon French Toast with a side of bacon and a Mimosa. Yum. I was in heaven. If theres anything I love its a good serving of French Toast.

So there you have it.. Once again another excellent meal. I am quite unsure what I am going to do when I leave this place. I guess I'll just be blogging about how I went to Applebee's and had the boneless buffalo wings... again. But it's OK. They are another weakness of mine.

Do you have a weakness like me? Something that makes money absolutely no object to you.

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