Sunday, April 8, 2012

Adorable candy will help distract us from the astounding horror of a man being nailed to a cross.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Full of friends, family, and yummy delicatessens. I wish I could have had Easter dinner. Ham sounded amazing today. But I ended up with a philly cheese steak. Which I'm not complaining. I would say I feel guilty about eating it. Which sad to say, I feel more guilty about the soda I drank with it, then I do about the cheese steak. 

We had a beautiful weekend here in the Frisco. Sad to say, I didn't get out until today. I am so lame. But I went shopping today! I have been wanting to buy a pair of TOMS for a while now, and I was telling my self all weekend I was going to go get some, and never got to it. Friday I started to work on my to do list for what needs to get done for school and to prepare me for graduation. Called and made my hair and spray tan appointments. Went to Walgreens to get some Crest White Strips. Oh what it takes to get prepared for those special mile stones in your life. 

I also had to order some graduation announcements. My school provided us with 12 announcements, but they are not personalized. No name, nothing. So lame. So that was painstaking to have to order those. Which I am still extremely nervous about because they take 2-3 weeks. I graduate in 4, and the company doesn't have my school logo on file. So I emailed it to them and if my school approves it they can put it on, however, who knows how long that will take. Ugh. So obnoxious. If I knew it would take so long, and my school wasn't providing us with announcements I would have had this done a long time ago. 

There there was today, which I woke up on a mission, got up showered and got dressed and got out and about. I didn't know where I was going but just decided to walk around and maybe grab some food. I knew I wanted to go to Therapy but i wasn't sure if they were going to be open or not due to the holiday. Well they were open, they had TOMS but only a few colors and not the style I wanted. So I ended up with a dress instead. 

Here is a sneak peek. Normally I don't show clothes I am going to wear before I do. But I am excited about this buy. I can't wait to dress it up. I think I am going to get some nice wedges either in nude, or throw a wild card in and try to find some coral ones. I am not sure whats going on with the tassles. I kinda feel like a drapery with them. But I am going to play with them a bit. I might tie them in front or I may tie them in the back. Guess we'll find out. Also accessories, gotta find them for this too. 

But at least I have one dress out of the way. Now I have to find one for Graduation. Plus I can't wait to chop all my hair off! Yup its happening! No sneak peek for that. Guess you're just going to have to see it when it happens. 

So that was my Easter. Nothing too exciting. Just strollin' the city alone, soaking up the sites. Everyone was out today all dressed up, walking around with fresh bouquets of flowers. It was sweet. 

Well once again Happy Easter. See you all in about 15 days! I am off to evaluate my packing situation... 

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