Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm a cool cat but I'm on life 9

Those of you who talk to me daily, or follow me on facebook probably know I just got over being really sick. So for those of you who don't know whats going on here is the scoop.

Last Friday I went to Urgent Care at SF General Hospital. I had some pains in my kidneys. I had been suffering from a UTI for the previous week or so. I had not realized the infection was as bad as it was because I had been drinking so much water. So the symptoms were masked. Once I got the pain in my side I got worried and decided the hospital was the place to go. I was scared I could have a kidney infection and those can be deadly.

The hospital here was awful. I'm not sure if it was because it was Urgent Care or what. I felt like I was in a homeless shelter. The floors were filthy, I was just disgusted. But I waited the fifteen-billion hours they wanted me to. I mean I traveled an hour out here I might as well get what I needed.

There was no sign in to this place. You took a number. Once your number was called they took your vitals, then you went and sat back in the waiting room until they got you registered. Once you were registered you waited again for the doctor to see you. Awful system this is. I had no fever once I got there and I think by the time the doctor saw me I had a fever. But she had no idea because she did not retake my vitals. So after being at the hospital from 3pm-9:30pm I was finally on my way home.

By this time I am shivering (from the fever) In fact I had a hand warmer in my bag from when I went to yosemite that I pulled out to warm me up. It was still raining, late, and I had an hour bus ride home. But I had a script for an antibiotic now so everything was looking up. But I was still drained from sitting in a room all day, I had nothing to eat since before I left the house. I felt terrible and just broke down into tears on the bus when I called my dad.

When I got home I didn't worry about getting the script filled it was pushing 11pm now, the pharmacy most likely isn't open and I didn't feel like walking to find out. So I figured I would make me some dinner and just go to bed. I took my temperature and confirmed that I did have one of 100 degrees. I called my friend Kris, he had me laughing and put me into good spirits, I forgot about the pain in my sides and the fever that was growing inside me.

I woke up early that morning to find out my fever had gotten up to 103. Naturally I would have been concerned but I knew I had an antibiotic and didn't find there was any reason to worry. I went out to the kitchen and asked Daniel if he could go get my script filled for me since my fever was so high I found it dangerous for me to walk to go. Of coarse he said he would go. I started to get nauseous and deliriously stumbled to the bathroom bouncing back in forth into the walls like a pinball. I started to dry heave in the bathroom. I got so hot and everything was spinning so I ripped off my sweatshirt.

I open my eyes -- Daisy one of our cats is starring at me from two feet away. I'm half way in the hall way and half way in the toilet room. I must have fainted. I can still hear Daniel in the kitchen making breakfast. I couldn't have been out for long. I sit up and go on as if nothing happened.

I go back to bed and wait for Daniel to come back with my script. Once I get this medicine in me everything will get better.  So he finally comes back and I take my first dose and I fall asleep. And thats what I did all day. I slept. My fever got so high, it made me so catatonic all I could do was sleep. I would wake up every hour or so. Take my medicine, drink water and pass back out. My fever got all the way up to 105 this day. Which is not good. I should have been in an ice bath at that point, but I was useless, I saw the number and just went back to sleep. I could not get the fever to break for anything.

This fever lasted for the next 4 days. Not as high though. The second day it was about 102-103 it got down to 99 at one point which was a huge success but would just go back up. I didn't sleep as much the second day but I still slept a lot. It seemed like the Advil would work for a few hours then would be done. The third day my fever finally broke! Yes! How nice it is to see you 98 I was so happy. I took a shower and felt like a girl again. It was Monday now and I had to call in. Tuesdays are my day off so hopefully I'll have a buffer day then I can go back to work on Wednesday. Well that wouldn't happen. By 7:30 I was back asleep in bed passed out with a 103 fever again. Nothing but water for 3 days, and putting cold towels on my head seemed the only way I could break the fever for a bit. Tuesday I woke up and had a constant fever of 101-102 all day. So It was slowly going down. But I am exhausted and my body aches from sleeping all the time.

Wednesday morning I woke up and I was down to 100, fell back asleep till the afternoon to wake up to no fever!!!! Ok round two of no fever, I made it down to the store and picked up some Gatorade, tylenol, and popsicles before my fever came back. It was an exhausting trip after being bed ridden for 4 days. But we will know by evening if this is for real or not.

Well lucky me! One day shy of my antibiotic being complete, my fever was gone. It was aweful. I am used to high fevers, but they never last that long. I am just happy to be better again. I think the hardest part was having to do it all by myself. I had no one to take care of me. But thank you everyone who made sure I knew that you loved me and you had me in your prayers to get better.

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