Friday, March 23, 2012

The fear you'd came with. You thought you escaped it. But with the breaking, you can still be persuaded.

Well it has been a while since my last post. I apologize. It has been very rainy. Okay, I admit, I have been very homesick, and it has been very rainy. This city is great -- but I think I've seen enough. I am ready for the warm sand and a cold one in my hand. To the day I can get in my truck and driiiiive! Roll my windows down and let the wind knot up my hair and get it stuck in my lip gloss.

San Francisco is great for visiting. Everyone who I ever talked to had only visited here, and how it was the most AMAZING city ever! It is nothing like all the other cities! And its not, it is completely unique. How do you sum up this city in a collection of words? You simply can not. Everyone kept telling me before I moved here, how they were jealous that I got to spend four months in the city and they wish they had that much time. Well to be honest I think the magic ended for me after the second month. The buildings don't really phase you as much, you are not looking around like you were when you first arrived -- unless you find your self in a new part of town. The people just get in your way and the tourists get under your skin. You recognize the homeless and you've seen too many creative ways that they relieve them selves. -- The food is still divine. And the views are still inexpressible.

Reasons to breathe #1 -- Sun Rises.
(Took this after the earthquake.)

So yea maybe I should have gotten out a bit more this past month, but I miss home. I should be at the beach right now or running around in shorts and a t-shirt not buttoning up my coat. I'm just not used to it. The city isn't my forte I guess. I can hang, but I prefer to be somewhere I can spread my wings a little more. 

Nothing beats home. Unless you don't love your home. I have found that I am particularly fond of mine. The sun shine has become an necessity of my daily life style. I love the pouring thunder storms, and that humid fog that hugs you once the rain finally stops. And not to forget my beautiful green-eyed kitty that awaits my return.


But this is exactly what I needed. Time to my self. I have been able to clear my head. See some amazing things, and have an experience that will have an impact on how I turn out. So now... I have 30 days till I come back to the amazing flat, humid beautiful state of Florida. The great race begins. And I am excited. I feel like I have a whole new life burning inside my chest. I have to see the things that I have yet to see which so far on my list are: Alcatraz, Twin Peaks, go hang out in the Haight Ashbury, Mama's for Breakfast, oh yea and I've gotta try to make it to a ball game. My dad would be HIGHLY disappointed if I didn't at least just go try to sneak into AT&T park and grab him some photos. 

But not only do I have more sight seeing to do but I have graduation plans as well. What a busy two weeks I am going to have when I arrive home. Between hair appointments and spray tans, to finding the perfect outfits for all the festivities, putting the finishing touches on my portfolio, and coming up with a design for my senior show booth, I am booked to the brim. But then of coarse we can't forget about my graduation party. If you know me there is one thing I refuse to not celebrate things. Especially HUGE milestones like finally graduating with my dream degree.... Good thing I've got the whole party practically planned already. 

Lets the count down begin... Ole!

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