Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Red Wine, Cheap Perfume & a filthy pout.

Ashley ran into some cell phone problems while we were on vacation. This put us into a predicament. So naturally we went to get these problems fixed. We drove from Yosemite towards Napa for our next chapter in our adventure book. We ended up stopping for the night in Modesto. Which was a bit scary. The internet was amazing though. Too many days I had gone without. We had to stop in Tracy, CA. to get Ashley's phone fixed the next day. Which they fixed.... for like not even a whole day, and then it broke again. But we made it to Napa and that was what was important.

We checked into the Silverado Resort and Spa.... Thanks Priceline! For booking a hotel that morning, we did pretty darn good. The place was just beautiful, our room had its own private front yard. It was kind of a-mayyy-zing. But needless to say we most definitely learned the reasoning behind Napa not having any sort of a night life. And we may not had learned why the first night, because after an amazing dinner we went seeking for that night life. But the next day we found out exactly why.

Our place of residence
The main club house
So after and amazing nights sleep. Ashely and I woke up and lolly-gagged for a while. And I mean a while, we didn't even leave the room till like lunch time which is kind of bad in Napa because wineries close at 5:00 p.m. Which I was unaware of before I had started to do research before the trip. So getting to our first wine tasting at 1:00 p.m. was pretty late for us to get the day started.

So excited for wine tasting.

We had decided one of the main wineries we wanted to go to was Beringer and take a tour. The tour started about 10 minutes after we arrived and we were the only ones. So we got a nice tour of the Beringer estate VIP style. No complaints.

Some famous room from some famous movie.

The largest bottle of wine.
After Beringer we headed back to the Napa area where we hit up Mumm Napa,  ZD, and Miner Family. Mumm Napa I believe we had the most wine, well sparkling wine. It was beautiful, we sat outside and enjoyed the scenery. ZD we went in to a counter and just had 4 different wines and we shared the tasting. Miner Family took the cake though. Not sure if it was that we were already about 12 glasses of wine in or what, but basically we got to the counter, the lady asked us which wines we wanted to taste. We were reading it and then decided theres 10 wines, you take the top 5 and I'll take the bottom 5! Yup. Tipsy daises we were.

Mumm Napa
Sparkling Wine tasting
Can you tell the ones we liked the most?

ZD --
Ignore our beautiful photography skills showing the
 top of the car. 
Miner Family

Im sure everyone at home misses this about me =]

It was about 5pm now and we are pretty hammered and what do you not want to do when you're hammered is stop drinking. So we were off to Top Flight to do what we probably should not have done. I ordered a Jamaican Red beer, Ashely a glass of White wine, and we continued to drink and get even more smashed then we were. The conversations we had were priceless. Steve was our bartender and just awesome. The bar closes at 6 so he accommodated us by getting us another drink before he closed. After we left we were off to dinner. From what I don't remember we ate at a rather nice restaurant. And knowing my cousin and I we are usually quite obnoxious when we drink. We became best friends with the host. Making sure to yell his name every time he walked by incase he forgot about us. And I know I had pork for dinner, however I just remember eating a potato, and tasting my cousins delicious pasta she had.

All this white girl wasted excitement was topped up with a drive home -- blaring the music and horrible off key singing of coarse. I passed out in bed the minute we arrived back at the hotel at the ripe hour of 8:30 P.M.

And there you have it. Napa Valley does not have a night life because if you do things right, you're passed out along side of me

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