Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers with Boston

I am totally at a loss of words. With that said, my cousin Jill summed it up rather nicely. 

"I hope the cops search every square inch of the great city of Boston. I hope they look in every nook, corner, cranny, doghouse, outhouse, henhouse, crackhouse, whorehouse until they find the worthless scum bag who did this. Then I hope they drag him out by his scruffy neck, stomp his cowardly ass and beat him within an inch of his pathetic life. I'm fed up with the evil that lurks. Hang 'em high in Kenmore Square. Lets make a piñata out of this bastard!"

I have goosebumps because of this. To know that you can no longer enjoy anything without the fear of some shit poppin' off. You can't go to school, you can't go to the movies, and you sure as hell can't run 26.21875 miles without the chance of being blown the fuck up... 

You guys are super cool, blowing people up and all. I can't wait to hear about you being caught in the next couple days and that you will most likely leave this world from your own hand pulling the trigger like the pussy you are. 

My heart bleeds in Boston today. Time to pick up the pieces yet again, and count the many blessings. It could have always been worse. 

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