Sunday, March 4, 2012

There is no stopping us right now.

After this we headed back to the car and on our way to Badger Pass. The drive up was straight up a mountain and the snow got real deep. As you can tell in this picture that snow bank on the side of the road where the plow pushed it to the side was about as high as the car in front of us. 

Badger Pass wasn't exactly what we expected. Which was rather disapointing. But we made the most out of what we were given. We watched people ski and snow board, nothing too exciting. Ashley and I don't know how to do either, but it was cute watching these little girls and boys running around in their snow boots and what nots having the time of their life. Because honestly I know if that was my thing when I was their age -- I'd be running around that bitch like I owned the place too. 

So we hung out around got some coffee and some yummy cafeteria food. Chillin' out. Watching the parents drink and gossip and the kids that were too excited for their own good. We continued about our way and had been talking about building a snow man. Now when we arrived to the area tons of kids were out sledding, doing snow angles, even building their own snowmen. So we sought out a perfect spot to build our own snowman on top of this hill. Easy enough right?

So we go around to this area to start climbing this hill... little did we know it wasn't a "real" hill per say, more like just a bunch of snow. So were climbing with absolutely no luck, laughing hysterically because every step we would take we would just be knee deep in snow and getting no where. The next thing I know Ashley yelps I look over and this bitch is more then waist deep in the snow laughing so hard. I see her I cant help but start laughing. Now we are both laughing and cackling trying not to pee our selfs. I look over and realize that the plants sticking out of the snow are the tops of trees. We get our selfs out of the snow and are like forget it, building a snow man is not that important.

So now we are hanging around watching these teenage boys at the top of the hill, that we tried to climb and they are throwing snowballs at each other having a blast. All of a sudden this kid belts the other kid with this snowball and this kid goes head over snow shoe down the hill till he is face first in the snow. Now once again we are laughing our asses off. Mean while this mom and this cute little blonde girl are hopping through the snow with their golden retriever. And start climbing the hill -- And get up it! So were like what the heck. I guess we just decided to climb the wrong spot instead of going up the steep side like they did. So we wait for them to leave and decide to attempt the hill once again, and of coarse, we fail. -- Alright we are Floridians, apparently there is a special way of distributing your weight or we just suck at life I am not sure, but forget it lets head back to town. 

On our way we stopped off on the side of the road where we had a few days before to play in the snow. This would be the perfect place to build a snow man. Off in the corner looking towards the road. Plus we already know we can walk here. So we got to work. And ya know... for being Floridians and not being able to walk in the snow we can make a kick ass snow man. Not trying to brag or anything. But I think he turned out pretty freaking awesome.

Thats right.. Our snow man is stash-tastic.  So we took a photo shoot with our little guy that we worked so hard on, for these will be the only memories we will have to remember that he once exsisted. I wonder if anyone after us came and took pictures of him. I hope he spread joy for more then just us. 

Even Eggbert got in on the action. That silly egg.

So we left. On to continue our journeys in Napa. Leaving him by the side of the raod. way off in the corner. We took his scarf, so I hope he wasn't too cold. But he is made of snow, so i am sure he was fine.

Oh and I had to post this of Ashley, since she 
thought it was funny to take pictures of me 
falling... Hahah. Bitch.... The whole world can 
see you now. <3
We are stopped in Modesto for the night... or Murderville. Im not sure. But the place was scary. But the internet rocked! Probably because we were the only girls in the hotel. Awesome. 

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