Monday, March 5, 2012

Cities don't change people. People don't even change people. We are who we are.

I just wanted to throw in a little blurp. I hit over 1000 views in the past few days and I just wanted to say thank you for all the support from everyone. Its nothing big, but it is exciting to see my graph go up in views. When I used to get 8 hits a day, now I am up to almost 50 hits a day. This is a really exciting time during my life. I am glad that you all are taking the ride with me. I am transitioning into adulthood. Well I mean I turned 26 today, so obviously I am an adult. But getting going into having a full time career and getting what I have worked so hard for my entire life. 

I wouldn't be here with all my friends and family who have held my hand and seen the stress I have gone through, as well as my classmates who have sat next to me and gone through the thick of it with me. You all know who you are. My mom and dad. My cousin Ashley and Jill, Aunt Chris and Aunt Linda. My best girlfriends ever -- Krista, Mallory, Amber, Lauren, Tina, The wolf-pack. All my moms who let me come over and eat their food over the years. Shanna and Vicki. And so many many more I could go on all day. I just love you all. 

I could not have asked for any more support. It was kind of a crazy move, coming to Cali with just a couple grand. Moving with only a months notice. But we have to follow our heart, dreams and desires. In the end it is just you and what you accomplished during your short time here on earth. Don't blame others for what you could have done. You can only blame your self. Don't see it as being selfish. See it as being awesome. We all loose sight of ourselves too often, when we should be the priority. It makes me proud to say that I have family and friends that understand this. Each stepping stone that we come across makes us grow and flourish so much as a person. 

Not many people get opportunities to do great things, so when your chance comes. Take it. Even if you might struggle a bit. Its the memories you have to share and the growth as an individual that counts the most. 

I love you all. See you in 2 months. <3

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