Sunday, February 5, 2012

We're going to skate to one song -- and one song only.

Well it looks as if February is upon us my friends. My first month has come and gone. With great success I might add. What better way to celebrate the ending of January by headed to the Grace Cathedral. The walk to the Cathedral took only about 20 or so minutes, but was quite strenuous. This was my first time in the Nob Hill area. I wish the day was a little prettier. While walking I almost decided to turn back, the was very gray and cloudy, and started to get very windy. I had a fear it may rain and I didn't want to get stuck in it. But I decided to continue to go on my way. When I started to question its whereabouts I ran into this monstrosity. And what a beautiful monstrosity it was. 

When I got inside it was even more beautiful then the house. The perimiter of the walls were lined with beautiful stained glass windows.  I decided to have a seat in a pew and soak up the architectural beast that surrounded me. The stone cluster columns and the pointed arches all held up by groin vaulting. I couldn't stop looking at everything. 

Under the windows were murals.

The Cathedral is sister to the Grace Church which was built in 1849 during the California Gold Rush. The Grace Church was built twice, and the third incarnation was so grand it was granted the name Grace Cathedral. This cathedral was then burned down in the fire that lead the 1906 earthquake. After that this cathedral was built in 1928 and completed in 1964.

The cathedral appears to be made of stone, but in fact is built of reinforced concrete that was beaten to give a stone-like effect. And was built in the French-Gothic style by Lewis Hobart.

Groin Vaulting

I wish it had been a sunnier day when I went, so the pictures of the interior were brighter. The cathedral comes equipped with 2 labyrinths. One on the inside and one on the exterior. The cathedral also has a chapel/memorial area dedicated to victims of AIDS.

Everything in the cathedral was just beautiful all the gold and stained glass. When I was standing in this area I started to hear the faint sound of a mans voice. Then I realized somewhere I prayer was being said over head. It was quite creepy actually. But I went along with it and then I found some candles and I lit one in good peace for all my friends and faimly. I am not a religious person, but I don't think that some good wishes could do anyone harm at this point.

Winston Church Hill and Martin Luther King Jr. had memorials for them within the church.

Everything at the Cathedral was beautiful. It wasn't one of the biggest that I have been to one being the National Cathedral in Washington DC and the other being the Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany. So massive compared to this guy tucked away in the neighborhood of Nob Hill.

No matter the size cathedrals are still amazing works of architecture. I did the labyrinth on the out side of the church, and it was of decent size. I wish they didn't make me so dizzy though. 

It was a wonderful way to end January. I wish it wasn't so cold though. Even with my strenuous walk. Normally I heat up but I guess because of the strong winds it wasn't happening. I thought I lucked out because I saw that the cathedral had a Peets Tea and Coffee located inside, after about 20 minutes searching on my phone for a close cafe. By the time I got to it she had closed down. =[ Just my luck I suppose. But all in all it was a great day. Nothing beats a little site seeing and soul searching all in one.

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