Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Satisfaction is the death of desire.

Things have been pretty quite around these parts lately. I should do things like getting out and about, however quiet afternoon and evenings has obviously been what the doctor ordered. Time to think. Mainly the reason I have come out this way. Time away from the toxic loved ones we can't seem to stay away from like a bad addiction. I disgust my self at times, and I'm not happy about that. But at the same time, all these people are telling me I'm doing the wrong things, and I'm the asshole. Then I look around and realize that everyone is infinitely more fucked-up then I am. And that I am OK with. All you can do is try to do what makes you happy. And that irritates the shit out of people. All those fake people in your life that pretend they are your friend, but in the end they are just jealous of you, because in the end you know what will truly make you  happy and you are not putting on a front. They are jealous that you took your life to a place where they were too chicken to take theirs. Stupidity, laziness which ever you prefer to call it. We all want something greater, its just up to you to decide if you make it there. 

None of us know what we are doing. It is all a chance of luck I suppose. You either lay your cards down or you fold. Basic math at times. That guy next to you reading his cell phone, he is just doing what we are all doing. No one was given the manual to life. We are all just as clueless as the next guy. 

Same with love. Like you have never asked your self the 500,000,000 questions that come along with that topic. I guess my biggest pet peeve is everyone is looking. Well maybe when you're looking for that special someone, they are going to pass you by. It hits you when you least expect it. Everyone is too busy dwelling over the last person they were with, or that they have given up on dating, and whatever other excuse they might have.  But while people are too busy pining over the fact that they are alone in life, they loose sight on the most important part of life -- themselves. I don't care who you are, but you can not make someone happy until you are completely and the upmost satisfied and happy with your self. You know why? Because if you are happy with your self, then all you have to do is make the people in your life happy. If you are happy with where you are, and where you have gotten. If you could die today and be ok. Then you have truly have had success in your life. You may not have everything you wanted, but deep down if you are happy with how far you had gotten thats when I think you have succeeded at life. Sure you could have done more, but some times time just does not allow, and thats ok too.

People come into your life when you most need them, and least expect them. No matter how bad, they came for a reason -- to make you stronger at something you were lacking at. I don't just say shit. I mean, I do talk a lot of shit. But I mean what I say and I say what I mean. It takes a strong person to realize what they truly want in life. And things get cloudy along the way. Everyone craves for something, they have this idea in their head. But in the end satisfaction is the death of desire. 

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