Saturday, January 14, 2012

Carpe the hell out of this diem!!!

Wow! Lets just say I am exhausted! Today I decided to seize the day, and I made it my bitch. It was beautiful out. A little hazy but it didn't make a difference. I started walking a little before 1 p.m. and didn't get home until 4:30 p.m. I walked close to 8 miles today. It was awesome. I saw so many things when walking. Like the scenic drive sign. I saw one of these online the other day when I was searching for things to do in San Francisco and it said take the 49 mile scenic drive. Apparently the whole thing started out on a gimmick just to get tourists to Cali, and not much of the drive is scenic. However, I guess it gives you a good idea on what the area is like.

It really blows my mind how many people are still here to sight see. I mean you notice the tourists in Florida, but maybe it isn't as obvious because everyone is not walking or clearly have rented bikes to tour the city. But it's all good. Lots of people were out today, enjoying the weather, having picnics with their families. Walking to the bridge was a nice little hike. I enjoyed it tho. Today was the first day that I walked around with a t-shirt on without my jacket. yay! Now if only the water here wasn't arctic cold! 

A little bit further we're almost there.
I hope you get your second wind.
There may not be an ounce of sleep for us tonight. 
Wouldn't sleeping be a waste of time.
Cause it's better to just be here and taking it in.
May there never be another single moment wasted on the trouble I'm in.
Slow down just a bit there
You'll miss the best part.
Dont know what the day is nor do i care. 
Before the day comes you have to slow down,
slow down.
And if i close my eyes i could freeze time, 
and stay here forever.

 Thats Alcatraz in the far distance... and a sculpture of rocks someone made.

It is amazing how something so massive is so hard to get too. There were hills I had to climb, sand to walk through, trails, and steps. But with all that hard work come great rewards. 

I made it to the ever so famous Golden Gate Bridge looking so beautiful in her International Orange paint. I was going to walk across but I decided to do that another day. I got some great pictures of her tho along the way.

After I snapped a few photos of the giant headed into the gift shop of coarse looked around, had some random stuff actually. Lots of books, and cooking things like spices and condiments, and some soap. Was very random.

 Found this book with a kitty that looks like my Oscar pot. I miss that little guy so much.

Out side of the gift shop was a hot dog stand. They were expensive. $5.50 for a dog, but the beef was all grass-feed beef, and they were on these awesome buns. I got a brat dog, and it was way worth the money. Daddy taught me well, he would be proud. 

When I was headed home I ended up to this lady who wanted to know about the game. I told her I had no idea what was going on I unfortunately haven't really been following football recently. One convo let into the next and I told her that I had just moved here. She insist I get my phone out and start taking notes. She was telling me all the places I need to go eat and what not. She also told me that if I plan on staying here and finding a husband, this is a tricky area to find one. All the men want the 25 year old girls no matter their age. Which is fine for me now, but she said after that things may become difficult for me, so if I find a guy I need to lock him down. Too funny. She gave me her number incase I ever need anything. Once we got to the parking lot she asked if I needed a ride, and I declined. I really wanted to get these miles in other wise I probably taken her up on her offer. 

Walking home was fine till after I climbed these stairs and started walking up the massively steep hills. I thought my legs were going to give out on me.

The hills are seriously outrageous. 

I came home and stretched my little muscles. I am def going to be sore tomorrow. But its all worth it. Beats laying in bed all day. Such a beautiful city, I cant wait to see more. 

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