Sunday, January 22, 2012

I have a man to see about a horse.

Well, it has been a quick minute since my last post. Apologies. Not much has been going on over on this side of the country. In fact, the weather has been dragging me down. My dad told me "Welcome to San Fran", when I complained of the rain, or miss, or spit. I said "It hasn't been ugly since the day I arrived". "The honeymoon is over", he replied.

My week was a normal week. I guess I am finally settling into the city. Things are not as exciting as they once were. Hopefully things pick up soon. I refuse to spend 3 more months here bored out of my gourd. NOOOOO! If I'm involved, there is never a dull moment! Can you believe I am going on my 4th week of being here in San Fran. Oh the time is flying by. Now if I could just get a job to make the time go by a little more faster by filling in the voids with more things to do, and more stories of my adventures. Oh I love adventures. 

Things really didn't pick up here until Thursday. Not sure if you guys know, but the company I work for all of our projects are based in China. It is pretty neat. Well my first week a few of our designers had to go to China to do a presentation on a residential project we are involved in. Our one designer went to Mongolia after Hong Kong, and he finally got back Thursday. Our office from LA flew up here to talk about the project, and we had a nice company lunch catered by Boudin. So yummy! We all just placed our orders online and we had a $15 budget of what we could get. Me being the broke bitch I am took advantage of this. I got a Roast beef sandwich on a sourdough roll, a side caesar salad, a huge chocolate chip cookie, and an apple juice. I only ate the sandwich and then the cookie for a snack later in the day, so  I had a nice salad for dinner that night. YUM! 

The day pretty much exhausted me. Having a meeting all day, then we are moving our office in the second week of February so all our stuff has to be sold. We clearly are not prepared for the move. We have had all these people coming in and buying our filing cabinets and what nots. So nothing is moved or emptied so when they want to buy it we are running around like crazy trying to move and clean things. 

I left work that afternoon to find it was raining... well more like spitting. The rain here is so different then Florida rain. I decided I was so exhausted I was going to walk home. The thought of being crammed on a bus with 100 people did not sound delectable what so ever. I took the BART to where I would get on a bus and just walked home. Low and behold, me and the bus I would have been on, that WAS packed like a can of sardines, pretty much stayed together the whole time. The bus would be ahead of me and then would have to make a stop, I would walk and pass the bus, the bus would go and pass me, and the cycle started over again. Ya I may have had to do a little extra work walking, but at least I could breathe. 

Friday, I woke up to the rain again. I had a job interview for a nanny position and had to go to South San Fran area. I had never been down this area yet, and luckily I got there with no problems. The interview went really well. We talked for a good hour, I got to meet her son who is 15 months old. He warmed up to me rather quickly. I was very satisfied with the way the interview went. She is meeting with 2 other people, and will let me know by Wed. The only problem is I am here so temporarily. I hope that does not put me out of the running. After my interview I headed back home which is about an hour commute where I stopped at the post office to pick up a package. My weekend was clearly defined at that point. 

I am done with part one. It is absolutely amazing so far. I'm going to be calling my mom soon telling her to ship Catching Fire. Like within the next few days. It is very easy reading, but amazing all at once. So needless to say Friday called a very relaxing day after 4pm of laying in bed eating and reading. Every girls dream. <3

Saturday I got out of the city! I woke up and it was so beautiful outside! The rain had stopped the sky was blue and the sun was shining! I took the BART to a town called Pleasant Hill, where me and a girlfriend went to this little district called Walnut Creek, and had a few beers. It was so, so, so, so nice to finally get out with someone I know! Rachel moved out here about 4 months ago, and is a live-in nanny. She is who referred me to where I got my nanny interview through.  So if anyone knows what it is like to move across the country and not know a soul, it would be Rachel. 

But man was it different. I wish I could have gotten some pictures. There was actually land! Just hills after hills of land. No high rises, no houses stacked on top of another... just land. Walnut Creek was cute as a button too! It was almost like a northern down town St. Pete with like International Mall attached on the outside. There was a row of bars, then there was all these high end stores. 

Me and Rachel drank till our heart was content and shoved our faces with cheese and carbs. I had cheese fries and she had a grilled cheese. Then I was set off back to the city. I enjoyed the time we spent gossiping and calling each other a drunk whore. Until you are alone you forget how much those little interactions with friends mean so much. After I got home I walked down to the wharf and got some ice cream that I was overly craving, went by Trader Joe's to pick up a few things, then headed back home to lay in bed. My friend Noah called and he wanted me to go out but I was exhausted. Day drinking gets the best of me. But I prefer to drink earlier in the day and get to bed earlier these days... guess thats my age talking. 

I woke up this morning to the rain again. Needless to say, I haven't moved. It is nice to relax. Gives me a good reason to shove my nose in a good book.

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